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Preparing your kid for their future

Raise a future ready professionals

65% of students today will be employed in jobs that do not exist today. Re-read the statement and let it sink in. Are you a concerned parent about how to prepare your child for careers that don’t exist yet?

Read on!


With the rapid advancement of technology and the changing job market, it can be challenging to anticipate the skills that will be in demand in the future. However, there are certain strategies that parents can employ to set their tweens and teens up for success in this uncertain job market.


5 Tips for Raising Future Ready Career Professionals

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Being creative and thinking outside of the box are critical skills to develop early on. Encourage your child to be curious, explore their interests, and think outside the box. Provide them with opportunities to experiment with new ideas and solutions. A few ideas to explore creativity are through creative hobbies, summer jobs, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities and meeting people from different walks of life. Going beyond schoolwork and fun activities is a good starting point.

Teach Resilience and Adaptability

Teach Resilience and Adaptability

Teaching resilience is tough but one that is crucial for kids to thrive in an unknown future. Failing is part of every child’s life but teaching them to adapt and persevere will take them a long way in their future. Encourage your child to embrace challenges and setbacks and to view them as opportunities for growth. Teach them to be flexible and adaptable, and to develop a growth mindset. This will allow them to be less anxious when faced with challenges.


Build Communication and Collaboration Skills For Future

Build Communication and Collaboration Skills for Future

India is going to be the largest population that speaks English. This will set kids up to engage with most parts of the world. However, Indian school system lags in training kids in communication skills both orally and written compared to US and UK schools. Building the ability to clearly communicate thoughts and ideas, effectively collaboratively with people not just from their own circles but with people from different backgrounds is essential in any career going forward. Encourage your kid to practice their communication skills, both in-person and online. This could be through public speaking, writing, or participating in group projects. Encourage them to work with others and to develop their teamwork skills. Go beyond homework to develop writing skills by participating in activities that stretch them to hone this skill. Check out our weekly at-home printable activities that we send out every Saturday morning designed for this. Click here

Emphasize Lifelong Learning

Emphasize Lifelong Learning

In the future job market, the ability to learn new skills and adapt to new technologies will be critical. Encourage your child to develop a love of learning and to view education as a lifelong process. Encourage them to pursue their interests and passions, and to seek out opportunities to learn and grow. Check out how you can develop curiosity in your child.


Preparing your child for their careers that don't exist yet can seem like a daunting task. It's not doom and gloom at all! There are many silver linings here. Focus on creativity, adaptability, communication, collaboration, lifelong learning, and digital literacy. You can set them up for success in the rapidly changing job market. Instill these skills and values early on so your tweens and teens thrive in whatever career path they choose.


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