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KoKo Hour: Unleashing Pawsome Fun in Bangalore!

Spark imaginations, build friendships, and grow together at KoKo Hour!

"KoKo Hour" isn't just about hearing exciting stories; it's a tail-wagging journey where stories become springboards for exploration and growth.

Take our recent "Beads of Connection" at Atta Galatta bookstore, Indiranagar. KoKo's letter, filled with laughter and tales of her furry helpers, sparked a curious question in the room: Who are the "KoKos" in our lives? The people who lift us, make us laugh, and help us on our paw-tastic journeys?

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Shaping Mindsets? Bark Yeah!


We believe in celebrating effort and learning from mistakes. Every KoKo Hour experience is filled with positive reinforcement, encouraging pups to embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. They discover that setbacks are stepping stones, and with a little perseverance, anything is pawsible!

So, join KoKo and her pack for an adventure beyond the pages! Witness giggles turn into grins, curiosity blossom into confidence, and stories transform into the building blocks of happy, well-rounded pups. 


See you at KoKo Hour, where the fun begins and the learning never ends!

At KoKo Hour's "Beads of Connection" in Atta Galatta bookstore, little ones crafted heartfelt, handmade beaded name bracelets.

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KoKo Hour at Atta Galatta.jpeg

KoKo's purrfectly paw-some letter sparked roars of laughter as she shared tales of furry friends who helped her on her latest adventure. Inspired by KoKo's gratitude, kids reflected on their own "helpers" - those who make their days shine brighter. With sparkling eyes and eager paws, they each wove a unique bracelet using colorful beads, each bead representing a special connection. This KoKo Hour was more than just fun and games; it was a heartwarming journey of appreciating friendships and building connections that last. And the paw-ty didn't end there! Each pup went home with their sparkly bracelet of gratitude and a surprise gift from KoKo herself!

KoKo Hour's "Pawsome Safari" in Charlie's Animal Rescue Center, Yelahanka took pups on a journey of furry empathy at the zoo!

Pawsome Safari.png
KoKo Hour at CARE.heic

KoKo's captivating letter whisked kids away to a vibrant national park, introducing them to a colorful cast of animal friends.Inspired by KoKo's encounters, kids embarked on a transformative adventure by stepping into different paws. Tiger Paws: Treading softly and cautiously, they embodied the protective spirit of a mother tiger, learning about responsibility and guardianship. Monkey Feet: Mimicking playful jumps and thoughtful poses, they explored the kaleidoscope of emotions hidden within, realizing how physical expression plays a role in understanding feelings. Bird Feet: Walking silently, ears wide open, they honed their listening skills, discovering the power of non-verbal cues and cultivating empathy. Seal Flippers: Waddling and flapping, they experienced the unique challenges and strengths that come with diverse abilities, fostering respect for differences. Each paw print left an impression. Kids gathered to share their reflections, insights, and newfound understanding of empathy and inclusivity.

Past Adventures

At KoKo Hour's "Dreamy Cloud Creations" in Raintree School in Jayanagar, imaginations soared beyond the treetops!

Dreamy Cloud Creations.png
KoKo Hour at Raintree School.heic

KoKo's purrfectly paw-some letter whisked kids away to her dreamy nap spot, sparking conversations about sweet dreams and hidden wishes. Inspired by KoKo's adventures, young minds took flight on paper clouds. Each cloud became a canvas for Happy memories that make hearts sing, Big dreams to visualize what they long to achieve or experience, Curious whispers of something that sparks their wonder about the world and Kindness ripples, a wish to perform a generous act or share something meaningful with others. Every cloud's journey culminated in a heartwarming discussion, where pups shared their stories and discoveries, building communication skills and understanding along the way.

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"My daughter couldn't stop giggling all day! KoKo Hour is pure pawsome fun!"

Mrs. Mahima
Mum of Arya (aged 9)

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"Sahil still has his bracelet and has recounted the story of the people he thought about while making it to everyone who will listen." 

Mrs. Prerna
Mum of Sahil (aged 7)

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"The perfect mix of learning and play!
KoKo Hour is a must-try for Bangalore kids.
I wish there was an adult version of this!”

Mr. Chetan
Dad of Arjun (aged 5)

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