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Meet Team KoKo!

We're a passionate group of storytellers, tech enthusiasts, and dreamers on a mission to bring the magic of modern India to life for kids everywhere. Fueled by a love for exploration and empowering young voices, we created KoKo Wooferjee to provide avenues for self-expression, and representation that spark curiosity, ignite creativity, and connect kids with their heritage in a fun and interactive way.

Mayura Rao

Chief Storyteller

Mayura has a rich background in strategy, marketing, and sales across Europe, the US and India and she brings a global perspective to KoKo Wooferjee. She leads our mission to share India’s vibrant stories with kids everywhere and shape young voices to share their adventures with the world.

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Priya Fulwani

Visual Storyweaver

A seasoned design expert, Priya's experience leading marcomms for consumer and tech companies across India, Singapore, and the US has honed her eye for crafting immersive and interactive experiences. At KoKo Wooferjee, her vision is the magic behind the platform's engaging design, making every click and swipe an adventure for young explorers.

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