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The world has changed, but the need for storytelling and connections remain the same.
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Welcome to KoKo Wooferjee

A young creator playground where kids go from passive viewers to storytellers.

​Kids aren't just passive viewers - they're curious explorers with stories to tell and voices to be heard.

At KoKo Wooferjee, we believe heritage exploration should be a two-way street where kids become part of the adventure, be empowered to create their own stories inspired by their heritage and explore, share ideas and connect with friends in a safe space.


KoKo isn't just a fun character - she's your child's local travel buddy through the amazing world of modern India! Soon, your kid can actively participate, see themselves reflected in the stories and express their unique voice. Join the Waitlist to...​

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“There’s a lack of engaging Indian content that reflects my kids’ global identities to expand their cultural curiosity,”

is a regular lament from Millennial parents. Despite the wealth of existing content, today’s Indian-origin kids struggle to connect with their roots, meaningfully.

Every child deserves to explore their heritage in a way that resonates with them, no matter where they live.

So, my podcast stories are full of warmth, adventure and a tadka of Indian magic with global appeal. Together, we'll learn about traditions, celebrate diversity and discover the incredible spirit of India.

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KoKo's friend Kimaya.

Kimaya and Her Mum

Age 7, Resident San Francisco

Loves Reading and Exploring Ideas

Mom: My kid is half Indian and half White. She is very curious about her Indian heritage. She has been confused about where she belongs as very few characters remotely resemble her culture. Gujarati is something I would love for her to learn so she and I can share something special.

KoKo's friend Siddharth.


Age 10, Resident Indian

Loves Competitive Bike riding and Tennis

My favourite hobby is to play Roblox with my friends. I am always begging for coins to buy stuff for my game.

My best birthday present was Minecraft Minecoins.

I want to be a Youtuber.

KoKo's friend Darsh with his dad.

Darsh and His Dad

Age 5, Resident Indian

Loves watching YouTube Kids and enacting how cockroaches behave

Dad: My sons are growing up on a steady diet of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. Darsh has a solid British accent and slang phrases that have me stumped. I wish there was quality Indian-themed content without the usual cliches.


Darsh: I don’t see a cockroach on TV but it’s all over the house at night!

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KoKo Wooferjee with Friends
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