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March 4, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

By candlelight as the electricity is out 🙁

February 25, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

My questions about language are not yet over from the looks of it. I have so many more. Here’s a fun fact I learnt on Youtube. 70% of a language is without words. It is called non-verbal communication. 🗣️ This means, we can understand what someone is thinking by their expression 😶, hand gesture 🙌, how they use their voice and more.

Are you confused? 😵‍💫 You are not alone! Here, let me explain how I understood this.

Now, here’s an incident that happened to me:

Dog with bun

My friend Chotu had kept a bun for his dinner. I saw the bun, 👀🍞 realized that Chotu wasn’t around and quickly gobbled it up. 🤤 I made sure to clean my face thoroughly, so he didn’t find out it was me. After a while, Chotu came back, saw his bun was missing and stormed over to where I was pretending to sleep. 😴 He demanded to know where his bun was. I put on an innocent face and said that I didn’t know. He just looked at me for a minute and then said that I had to get him a replacement bun.

How did he find out I ate it? 😯 Well, I obviously couldn’t hide my guilt, no matter how hard I tried!! My face gave it away and my high-pitched voice when I protested my innocence. 🥺

Body language can tell a person what you're thinking without saying it. For example, if you’re talking to someone and they keep looking in other directions and not at your face, it means that they are distracted and not paying attention to what you’re saying. They may not say that they’re not interested, but we can understand that by simply looking at them.

What a gift it is to understand people! 🎁 My body language gave away my guilt and Chotu found out.

While people can lie easily, their body language doesn't. So, remember to look at someone’s body language if you think that they are lying. Become an expert lie-detector with this skill! 🤓

Bye for now dear journal! 👋🏽🐾

Stay tuned for the next entry in The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee.

Licks n Kisses,

KoKo! 🐾


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