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March 11, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

Sitting cosily on a chair listening to music.

February 25, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

Hello! 👋🏽 Isn’t music wonderful? I was just listening to it now and there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. 👀 Or ear in this case. Ha-ha! There are beats, the piano, the guitar and the person singing sings in so many different pitches! 🎹 Sometimes the singer's voice is deep and sometimes it’s high! 🎤

I wonder how music came into existence? 🤔 Well, here’s what I found out. Music goes back to the time that we started speaking. 🎶 That was a little while after the evolution from apes to humans. 🦍 It’s all step by step! 🐾 We first spoke, then sang and finally, we started writing! 🗣️ But before all of that we drew. 🖼️🎨 There are paintings on the walls of caves in China that are 2000 years old. Whew! 😱

Nowadays, we write on paper for so many things, 📝 but back then it didn’t exist. The way they retained the mud paintings on cave walls blows me away! 🤯 Soon, mud was replaced by metal and cloth, but that was expensive. 💰 So, music became a way to preserve our work. Stories and songs were passed down from generation to generation, but they were never written down!

Manju, the person who looks after me, tells me stories about his family and village. Despite not living there, he knows how they live, what they wear, what they grow. This is because of songs and stories.

Do you know the song ring a ringa roses? Well, it was written 350 years ago in london. 😯 In 1665, people were falling ill and dying from the plague. 😷The rhyme talks about how it spreads when you sneeze, 🤧 and fall ill. It was used to communicate how bad the plague was. And all this while I thought it was a happy song. Although it was written during a bad time, it still brings many kids happiness. So, despite that it still can be happy! 😇

Sant Kabir Das

India has many poets. Have you heard of Sant Kabir Das? He is one of my favorite poets! His poems are about god and who god is. He also talks about why we must keep ourselves and our house clean. 🧼🧹

Coming back to music, I love to sing! I know I am not very good at it, but that doesn't matter. 🎶🎤 It makes me happy, so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about my singing. Perhaps if I practice I will eventually get better and become a wonderful singer. 🐶🎤

Music is everywhere. The beats of spoons, the honking of cars, the birds chirping, etc. The beats of a song make it very catchy. It makes me want to dance! 💃🕺 Did you know that the oldest instrument is the flute?

It was first made from bird bones and ivory. People poked holes in hollow pipes of wood and blew into it. How smart!

Music improves our mood. So, next time you feel sad, 😕 listen to some catchy tunes and it will brighten your day! Until next time, keep making music! 🎧😇

Stay tuned for the next entry in The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee.

Licks n Kisses,

KoKo! 🐾


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