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March 1, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

Writing this by the slide in the children’s playground, sitting in the sand pit I just dug

March 1, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

I have a superpower. My superpower 🦹🏽‍♀️ 🦸🏽‍♂️ is that I actually make my humans think! I make these puppy eyes 🐶 🥺 when I am naughty, and I am instantly forgiven. When my human friend is upset, I go and rub my nose on his leg and give him a lick. He always smiles and gives me a hug when I do that. It makes me so happy to see him smile. 🤩 🤩 have a superpower.

You might be wondering if I know when humans are sad or happy. 🎭 The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Dog emotions

People may not know this but I can read their facial expressions. When they are angry, their face becomes narrow and eyes are like balls of fire 😡. When they are happy, I can see their teeth. Sometimes, even I show my teeth when I am very happy. Especially because I live on the street, I need to know who is friendly and will give me a biscuit and who is not friendly. I get the two mixed up sometimes and sadly, I end up getting hit by a stone which hurts like crazy 😢

I have dreams too💭💭💭. Dreams are clearly signs that we can think. Pet lovers all over the world wonder what we are dreaming about 🤔. While the answer is still “out there”, most scientists think we dream of our humans. And I totally agree!

Memory is what makes some of our brains superior to others. Animals have great memory. I know exactly where I hid that chicken bone near the park to go chew on it later.

Dog and elephant

I am not the only one who can remember. Elephants excel in long term memory. Elephants have the largest brains 🧠 🧠 🧠 in the animal kingdom and their cerebral cortex is also very large. The cerebral cortex is the region of the brain where memories are stored. Elephants never forget a face or forget their routes of travel.

Life is very vivid to us, animals. We can see colours, well some colour 🌈. Understand who looks like us and who are different to us. We compete with each other so we can be the boss!

Did you know that some really smart people in the US are working on translating our woofs into words. There is a company called Zoolingua and are trying to understand all our woofs. Soon humans will know when I try to warn him about that pesky squirrel 🐿️ in the garden or when I woof for a treat 🦴. Check them out.

Dog sleeping

I am so sleepy now. Its almost 9 PM and way past my bedtime. Bye dear journal. 💤

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Stay tuned for the next entry in The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee.

Licks n Kisses,

KoKo! 🐾


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