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April 1, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

While on the train to Mysore.

February 25, 2023 | The Bow Wow Journal By KoKo Wooferjee

April Fool's Day!

The most exciting thing happened. 😊 I started my Bow Wow journey. I left the leafy part of Jayanagar, a locality in Bangalore. I have drawn you a map so you know what I am talking about. I am off to explore all the wow in the world. The first stop on my journey was..... 🚆Train Station, silly! I can’t walk 🐾everywhere now, can I!

But hold your woofs, my friends, because this train was no ordinary train. 🚅 It was called the Vande Bharat Express, and it was as fancy as the trains in Switzerland! Plush seats, foldable food trays, and even had charging points for my tablet 📱 – it was a dream come true.

I got this tablet for my travels. It was Layla’s gift to me so I can call her every week and give her an update. 🎁 It will be a long time before I see her again, in person that is! She was waiting for me at our usual spot by the gate. Finally, the network connected. 🌐 This network is such a tricky thing. Remember your online classes in Covid. I bet a lot of you used “I have no network ma’am’ to avoid turning on your video. We finally could see and hear each other. It was like magic! Layla was missing me, and I was missing her a lot. Woof!

This is my first time on my own. 🐕 I have always had friends with me or at least, friends I can whistle to and who would appear. I hope I'll be okay on my own. Well, I am a little scared, 😧 but I am telling myself that I'll be okay. Plus, diary, you are always with me, so I have one friend with me always. 📔 I'll be okay, right?

Koko's train experience

Coming back to the train, 🚅 Layla couldn't believe how good the train was. Manju, Layla’s human friend has a grandma living with him. She always described trains as tin cans with wheels. Well, maybe she was referring to the trains of the oldy goldy days, captured in black and white photos. Hehe, it makes me chuckle every time I think of it. 😆

My journey started off a bit embarrassingly, you know. I reached the ticket window at Bangalore's main train station, 🎟️ and oh boy, even my little nose couldn't reach it! 🐽 I blushed with embarrassment, wishing I were a little taller. 🤭 But Layla, being the wise friend she is, reminded me that I am perfect just the way I am.

With some help from the person behind me, I finally got the ticket. Woohoo! 😇 It was time to bounce my way onto the train and find a window seat. 💺 I pressed my nose against the glass, determined not to miss a single thing. The cityscape slowly transformed into houses, factories, and then lush green farms. It was a sight to behold! 🤩

My tummy started growling and I ventured into the train compartments, hoping for a friendly face who would share a nibble of their treat. 🧁 But oh my, fate had a different plan for me. While hopping from one carriage to another, the toilet door swung open and boop! 🥴 It bonked me right on the noggin! Ouch! You know in cartoons, when those little birds start spinning around your head? Yup, that was me! Haha! 😝

But guess what? Every cloud has a silver lining, my friends. A kind woman came out of the toilet, helped me up, and took me to her seat. She felt so bad about bonking me that she offered me a juice box, 🧃and guess what flavor it was? Mango! 🥭 I tasted the king of fruits for the first time, and boy, was it delicious!

This kind lady was Jaya, and she had quite the tale to tell. Get this – she traveled all the way from London to Calcutta by bus! 🚍😨 Can you believe it? Layla couldn't fathom it either and wondered why someone would take such a long bus journey. But Jaya had her reasons.

You see, Jaya grew up in Calcutta. She and her father had a deep love for England from all the stories they read by Enid Blyton, together. 👨‍👧This was a long time ago in 1970. Both of them dreamt of visiting the land of tea and crumpets. Jaya’s father couldn't go. He sent Jaya instead to London to study. And boy, did she have an adventure to share!

Phew, my paws are getting tired from all this typing. 🐾 But fear not, my friends, because the next entry in my journal will take us on a bus adventure with Jaya. So stay tuned and keep wagging those tails! Until next time, woof woof!


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